Chicago Green Insulation installs high quality, lifetime warranty, spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is used as a combination air seal and insulation to meet increasing expectations for comfort and energy efficiency in a remodel, addition, commercial build out or new residential/commercial construction.  Spray foam insulation is a terrific addition to your cold and damp crawl space, your existing attic that is soon to become a new master bedroom or room for the new baby or to complete your bonus room over the garage.

Spray foam insulation will help you meet 2015 and soon to be adopted 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (Now code in Illinois) for far less than you think! Spray foam insulation when used in combination with a Manual J, can lead to a reduction in total BTU's for heating of as much as 90% and 20-50% reduction in tons of cooling!

Call us to really understand what foam means, why it should be used and why we are better than the rest.  At Chicago Green Insulation we are not selling a product, we are selling our expertise in construction and design using foam!  Comfort is only a FOAM CALL AWAY! 847-987-3626