Chicago Green Insulation

Foam or Fiberglass?

When purchasing a new or previously owned home, a buyer must consider many things before putting their signature on the dotted line…. Increasingly, prospective homeowners are considering the costs of maintenance and operating costs.

The Low Price Trap

Don't be fooled by a low price! Make sure you know what you are getting from your spray foam installer and confirm that the chemicals are not expired.
Chicago Green Insulation

DIY Spray Foam Kits

Perhaps you've been thinking about saving yourself even more money by picking up one or two of those DIY spray insulation kits. Looks easy enough, right? And it's the same as what the contractors use, isn't it? That would be a big NO and NO.

Chicago Bungalows

We transformed 1,000 sq ft of uncomfortable living space to 3,000 sq ft of COMFORTABLE living space in one Chicago Bungalow with spray foam!

Contractor Nightmares

When we lose a bid, the most frightening thing to hear is that a job was awarded solely on price. Spray foam insulation is not an area where you want to cut corners.

The 52-Degree Home

Success! For the first time, these homeowners could enjoy the downstairs, and it came at a cost of about $2,500. They most likely spent far more than that in heating bills over the years.
Community Partners for Affordable Housing

Making a Difference

How a Non-Profit and High School Geometry Students are Making a Difference in Evanston. An inititaive to provide affordable housing.

What People Are Saying…

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