Winter is Coming!

Are you dreading what winter weather does to your home? Are you avoiding the thoughts of those outrageous heating bills like the plague?
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The comments in the article are referencing construction projects, not simple, inexpensive fixes to your existing home! Foam by itself is not a solution to noise issues. It is a very specialized application with results that can vary. We can fix any home! However, it is a process of deconstruction and reconstruction.
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Foam or Fiberglass?

When purchasing a new or previously owned home, a buyer must consider many things before putting their signature on the dotted line…. Increasingly, prospective homeowners are considering the costs of maintenance and operating costs.

The Low Price Trap

Don't be fooled by a low price! Make sure you know what you are getting from your spray foam installer and confirm that the chemicals are not expired.
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DIY Spray Foam Kits

Perhaps you've been thinking about saving yourself even more money by picking up one or two of those DIY spray insulation kits. Looks easy enough, right? And it's the same as what the contractors use, isn't it? That would be a big NO and NO.

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