Contractor Nightmares

When we lose a bid, the most frightening thing to hear is that a job was awarded solely on price. Spray foam insulation is not an area where you want to cut corners.

The 52-Degree Home

Success! For the first time, these homeowners could enjoy the downstairs, and it came at a cost of about $2,500. They most likely spent far more than that in heating bills over the years.
Community Partners for Affordable Housing

Making a Difference

How a Non-Profit and High School Geometry Students are Making a Difference in Evanston. An inititaive to provide affordable housing.
Polar Vortex in Chicago

Polar Vortex 101

I had the unpleasant task of telling him I could have taken care of everything he needed—if we'd had a conversation in August or September.

Restore Comfort

When we spray foam the roof and seal up the home, we can reduce the need for cooling by a whopping 50 percent. The average temperature on the interior of the roof during the hottest days of the summer can be as high as 220 degrees.
Tom Decker in Washington DC

A Fail Safe Formula

Ten years ago spray foam hardly had the foothold it does today. Current spray foam technology and installation acumen has leapfrogged into next generation science.

Home Construction Fail

When the kitchen was remodeled, they only went down to the drywall. Nothing was done but cabinets, floors and finishes. Several broken pipes later, she regrets that and is looking to remedy the issue.
Unexpected Spray Foam Benefits

The Other Unexpected Benefits of Spray Foam

I’ve talked in the past extensively about how spray foam creates an airtight seal that aids in your heating and cooling costs. But I haven't focused much on how spray foam also protects homeowners against odors and seasonal allergens.

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