Ceiling Spray Foam in Lake Forest, IL

  • Ceiling Spray Foam Insulation
    Lake Forest, IL - After

  • Ceiling Spray Foam Insulation
    Lake Forest, IL - After

  • Ceiling Spray Foam Insulation
    Lake Forest, IL - Before

Spray Foam Insulation Details

Not every stain on your ceiling requires a major renovation project. Still, this project started with condensation and a roof leak, a meeting with Chicago Green Insulation, an energy audit with one of the top auditors in all of Chicago, then roofing work, and then removal of the drywall under all of the finished areas under the roof.

This large Lake Forest project started with a phone call with hope of solving a condensation issue, that was also part of a roof renovation project that was already planned and then, a full demo of all the drywall over living space, installation of closed cell foam and replacement of all the drywall. The project took several months from start to finish including installation of new bath fans. At Chicago Green Insulation we handled coordination with various contractors and stood behind the diagnosis as well as the finished product.

When homes have cathedral ceilings, it is common that builders/ developers/ flippers are focused on the high ceilings and not the thermal performance of the home. It is common that the framing on homes more than 40 years old, is as little as a 2×6, woefully small for traditional insulation and modern standards of comfort. Homes like this one historically would have been cold all winter and had nearly zero percent humidity and therefore no issues with condensation. When the new furnaces and two new whole house humidifiers were added as part of the move in for this family, all of the poor insulation and new humidity kept rain falling the first winter this family lived in the home. Now, they endured a month of work but can peacefully enjoy their home all winter knowing their condensation issues are gone, their home holds the heat and the have years of maintenance free living ahead… and tiny utility bills to boot.

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