At Chicago Green Insulation: 

  • You know what you are getting and where it will be installed.
  • Pride in our work and a commitment that is obvious from the first call to the last of the cleanup. 
  • A senior member of our team at the insulation inspection! 
  • ESR documents that go with all spray foam insulation products.  
  • Workers compensation and general liability insurance 
  • We discuss issues of re occupancy of your home, what the standards are for the foams we install and what you should do after the foam is installed to be comfortable.  Re-occupancy occurs after the foam installation has been completed and you out of the house for 24 hours from the time we finished spraying foam in your home/ business. 
  • Outstanding products to install (  Please call Matt Martinson our Territory Manager at Demilec for a reference: (817) 640-4900
  • Outstanding equipment made in the USA to install it, Poly Mac (  Please call, Craig Griffin at Poly Mac regrading the choice of PMC equipment. (732) 415-4400 

Spray Foam Insulation, when hiring Chicago Green Insulation is a win, win, win, win.

You will not ever have concerns about the comfort or cost of operation in your newly insulated space. We pride ourselves on installing foam correctly!  We pride ourselves on having an outstanding reputation for compliance and leadership with local code officials because we follow the codes and the education we provide for architects, builders, developers and code officials.  We happily offer third party inspections for any project (additional costs may apply to pay the independent third party inspector).

A qualified member of our team at every insulation inspection and during the days and weeks leading to your installation you will get a visit or two from our supervisors or myself.

If you are considering hiring someone else:

  • Check the proposal to make sure that the products that are being offered include the brand of foam they are installing. Every foam is different!  Why would you hire a spray foam contractor who does not list the brand of foam you will be getting, by name, on your proposal?
  • Open cell foam should not be installed below grade or on masonry walls!
  • Find out how long they have been buying material from that manufacture and why they buy from them
  • What are the R values. Are the claims being made of R value backed up by ESR documents readily available at
  • Will they join me at the insulation inspection?

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