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Have a hot, stuffy upstairs—even with the A/C on full blast? How Spray Foam Can Restore Comfort

Now that the heat and humidity of summer has finally arrived, I’ve been fielding a lot of calls from homeowners who are hot and uncomfortable in their homes despite their A/C systems being on full blast.

One such call was from a homeowner who was frustrated by the fact that his second floor is absolutely miserable in the summer. No matter how low they go with the A/C, the bedrooms upstairs are too hot. At the same time, the downstairs is like an icebox. This homeowner couldn’t find a way to reach a happy, comfortable medium in his home.

On top of that, he couldn’t even take comfort in knowing we have short Chicago summers: During the winter, he has to worry about frozen pipes.

A Familiar Situation: Cold Downstairs, Hot Upstairs

This man’s situation is all too familiar. Many homeowners contact me complaining of that hot-box second or third floor.

There are only two solutions to this problem, and only one is efficient and cost effective. One option is to add more cooling to the upper floor(s) of the home. And although that MIGHT solve the issue, it adds an additional problem to the equation….cost!

The second, and more effective, solution is to spray foam the roof and remove the insulation from the attic floor.

Spray Foam Can Take the Heat Off Your A/C

When we spray foam the roof and seal up the home, we can reduce the need for cooling by a whopping 50 percent. The average temperature on the interior of the roof during the hottest days of the summer can be as high as 220 degrees. When we apply 7 inches of spray foam insulation to that roof underside, we can reduce the maximum temperature by half—to no more than 110 degrees.

By lowering the temperature of your attic, we give your A/C a chance to keep up with the demands that a hot, humid Chicago summer can impose. It also allows the temperature of your first floor and second floor to even out, making the whole home more comfortable both during the summer and the winter.

Spray Foam Can Take the Heat Off Your A/C

Which Option Sounds Better to You?

If the top floor of your home is too hot, you have two choices: You can continue to live with it on those dog days of summer, or you can see how spray foam excels at evening out the temperatures. Not to mention, spray foam will reduce your energy costs and prolong the life of your A/C system, which will no longer have to work at max capacity all summer long.

So ask yourself: What is your house like on the hottest days and nights of the summer? Do you want to spend the rest of this summer (and the next one and the one after that) living that way? If not, remember: Comfort is only a FOAM CALL AWAY! Give us a call so we can even things out and make everyone in your home more comfortable all year round.

About the Author, Tom Decker

With ten years of experience selling spray foam insulation in Chicago, Tom Decker is THE person to call and the Chicago Green Insulation is the organization to hire when you are looking for top notch quality and performance as well as someone who can deal with the needs of code officials, home owners and general contractors. Call the others in Chicago, if you are interested in the cheapest price, call Chicago Green Insulation if you are interested in using your dollars to make Chicago a better city for all of us!

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