Winter is Coming!

5 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know Before Winter Strikes

As I write this, it’s a nice, comfortable 75 degrees. I love early fall when the heat of summer has ended but old man winter has yet to show his face.

Unfortunately, I know that this weather isn’t going to last and if you’re a native Chicagoan or even if you’ve only moved here a few years ago, you know the saying “Winter is coming!” is no empty threat.

Are you dreading what winter weather does to your home? Are you avoiding the thoughts of those outrageous heating bills like the plague?

There is an easy solution in many cases. If you haven’t considered it before, now would be the perfect time to get your home ready for this upcoming winter by installing spray foam insulation.

Ice Dams, Frozen Pipes, Freezing Rooms

You’ve probably seen those sweet little postcards, especially around the holidays, with beautiful little icicles hanging from the eaves of houses. Such a pretty sight, unless you know what those icicles really mean- an ice dam.

When the snow on the roof of your home begins to melt (and it will melt much faster if there is very little insulation) the thick ridge of ice on the gutters can cause the melting water to become backlogged. It forms a tiny lake, if you will, on the top of your roof!

An ice dam can become so heavy that it can cause your gutters to pull off the house, often time taking the fascia boards with it! If the buildup of water works its way under the shingles, it can cause major damage to the roof itself, the ceiling inside your home, the walls, and even the floors.

Frozen pipes can be anther ugly problem. While these are not usually a problem, when a cold “vortex” moves into the area, houses that are not properly insulated can suffer from frozen pipes. Besides the lack of water, these pipes can burst, causing more damage than you can imagine, especially if the water from the broken pipe runs for hours on end before you discover it.

Last, but certainly not least, are rooms that never seem to warm up. I’m betting you have at least one room in your home that no one wants to use because it is a virtual icebox in the winter months. This is especially common with rooms that sit over a garage. That is a whole lot of wasted space that you could be using if your home were properly insulated.

Avoiding These Problems is as Simple as Spray Foam Insulation

Obviously, no one can control the weather, but there are solutions for preventing ice dams, frozen pipes, and cold rooms.

Yes, you could install electrical deicing cables that prevents water from freezing by gently heating the area on the edge of the roof, but in addition to their original cost, you will pay even more in electricity every single winter when you turn these devices on.

Don’t you pay enough right now for electricity?

How about saving money on your heating and electric bills every single month and have zero problems with ice dams, as well as making every single room in your house comfortable.

Spray foam insulation offers you the largest impact when it comes to saving energy than any other home repair, including replacing the windows.

A properly ventilated and insulated attic space will reduce your winter heating bills, as well as keep every room toasty warm while using less energy.

Spray foam insulation offers you the largest impact when it comes to saving energy than any other home repair, including replacing the windows.

The Many Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam makes a powerful insulator that is unmatched by other types of insulation, including the typical pink fiberglass rolls.

Some of the benefits of spray foam insulation include:

  • A permanent moisture barrier that prevents water and air from entering your home
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth by preventing moisture
  • Increases the structural integrity of the home
  • Provides protection from natural elements, including high winds, insects, rodents, and animals
  • Reduces the introduction of pollen and allergens into your home

Also, unlike other types of insulating materials, spray foam has an indefinite lifespan. It will not lose its shape, shrink, or degrade. Spray foam insulation will still operate at optimum levels 20 years into the future, something you can’t say about fiberglass or other types of material.

Spray foam insulation is also an earth-friendly choice since it lasts indefinitely. This means no worn-out fiberglass in the landfills and a vast reduction in electricity and other resources. Spray foam insulation is absolutely the greenest form of insulation on the planet!

Don’t Wait!

While spray foam can technically be applied in any season, it is much harder work to accomplish this in the dead of winter.

We can adjust the formula to account for humidity and temperature, but this will still require equipment to heat the foam to be sure it cures sufficiently and in a short amount of time.

The best time to insulate your home with spray foam insulation is before we get hit with some super cold temperatures. Fall is one of my busiest times since many homeowners want to take advantage of the last of the decent weather and not interrupt their holiday plans.

Are you planning on having family over for the holidays? Do you want to have everyone and every room in your house be toasty and warm, with no annoying drafts? Do you want to save a bundle on your heating and energy costs in addition to avoiding those damaging ice dams and frozen pipes?

Don’t wait for old man winter to show up in a full-blown fury! As I always say, comfort is just a FOAM call away!

Call us today with your questions. My team and I will be happy to inspect your home and give you advice on what it would take to make your house warm, comfortable, and safe from the effects of winter weather.

About the Author, Tom Decker

With ten years of experience selling spray foam insulation in Chicago, Tom Decker is THE person to call and the Chicago Green Insulation is the organization to hire when you are looking for top notch quality and performance as well as someone who can deal with the needs of code officials, home owners and general contractors. Call the others in Chicago, if you are interested in the cheapest price, call Chicago Green Insulation if you are interested in using your dollars to make Chicago a better city for all of us!

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