The Experts Guide to Insulating a Metal Building

The #1 Tip for Anyone Who Hates Condensation and Freezing Temps in a Metal Building

When it comes to metal buildings, high-quality insulation should be an owner’s first concern and it is best to get it done before the cold weather sets in!

Metal is super-efficient when it comes to conducting thermal energy. If you’ve ever had the pleasure (and I use that word lightly) of being inside an uninsulated metal building on a very cold or very hot day, you know how the temperatures seem to be magnified. 

This being said, there is no doubt that metal buildings are excellent structures that can be incredibly durable, and even comfortable when properly insulated. 

Due to the high demand for metal buildings, contractors are constantly on the lookout for finding ways to properly insulate these types of buildings. 

Top Reasons for Insulating Your Metal Building

Any building, regardless of the type of material the structure is made from, will benefit from insulation. 

Metal buildings have special needs, which is why insulating your metal building requires special consideration. 

Some of the top reasons why people insulate these buildings include: 

  1. Preventing Moisture Problems

One of the biggest problems owners of metal buildings face is condensation. When the internal and external temperatures reach certain points, condensation is sure to form on the inside of the roof and even on the walls. 

I’ve seen condensation so thick that it almost appeared that it was raining inside the building! 

Even if your building doesn’t have a huge condensation problem, any moisture is sure to cause rust and corrosion, as well as possibly growing mold or mildew, if not on the roof or walls, then on the items you have stored inside.

Metal buildings should balance ventilation with insulation for the best possible environment. 

  1. Keeping the Inside Temps Comfortable

Keeping whatever you store in your building at reasonable temperatures has big advantages. If you have livestock, the animals will be more comfortable in an environment without temperature extremes. If you have materials that are sensitive to temperature extremes, or if you have people working inside these buildings, you will find that insulation can make all the difference. 

  1. Sound Absorption

Let’s face it, metal reflects sound very well. This can be a problem if you have heavy machinery or people working inside these buildings since the noise will easily travel outside. The proper type of insulation will help prevent sound from echoing inside or bouncing outside the structure. 

Now that you know the main benefits of insulation, let’s talk about which type of insulation works best. 

Types of Insulation

There are more types of insulation that you can use in a metal building than you can shake a stick at. I’m going to tell you about the 4 most common types. 

  1. Insulated Metal Panels

Just like the name sounds, these panels have insulation built right into the material itself. This is a simple, yet functional way to insulate your metal building when it is built. 

The only drawback here is that this method can be more expensive and it only works with new buildings. 

  1. Fiberglass Batts

Rolls or sheets of fiberglass is a popular option because it is affordable and easily accessible. Fiberglass absorbs some sound and it will help to regulate the interior temps, but they are not water-resistant and animals, for some reason, love to make fiberglass batts their home of choice. 

  1. Rigid Board Insulation

This type of insulation uses large, rigid sheets of polyurethane, polystyrene, or fiberglass. These are cut to size and are placed against the walls and interior roof. Rigid boards are moisture-resistant and aren’t as expensive as some other options. 

  1. Spray Foam

Spray foam has become the insulation of choice for many metal building owners, and for good reason. This type of insulation works really well when it comes to soundproofing, and temperature control. It fits in any crevice, regardless of size, and adapts to fit irregular shapes. Spray foam is water-resistant and very, very durable.

Any moisture is sure to cause rust and corrosion, as well as possibly growing mold or mildew, if not on the roof or walls, then on the items you have stored inside.

Won’t Spray Foam Cause Rust?

The simple answer here is no, it won’t. 

Spray foam itself, when applied properly, will not cause metal buildings to rust. If you’ve heard about spray foam causing rust, it’s likely that either the contractor did not mix or apply the product correctly, or that the building owner tried to cut corners and do the job themselves with those spray foam kits you see in home stores. 

The fact is that closed-cell spray foam comes out of the container at a very high temperature. If the metal is very cold, applying hot spray foam will cause condensation, which can cause the foam not to stick.  Again, this is not an issue if you plan ahead and let us do them work when temps are milder.  Foaming your metal building in the winter is dramatically more difficult and costly!

This won’t happen if you choose Chicago Green to insulate your building. We have the experience and knowledge to do the job properly so you won’t have condensation sitting underneath the spray foam. 

Why Should I Choose Spray Foam?

Spray foam is the premium building insulation that will last for decades, or even centuries, and give you everything you want your insulated building to be: comfortable, dry, energy-efficient, and giving you the soundproofing you are hoping for. 

Spray foam will provide you with an air-tight seal that stops noise, dust, air, and water from entering the building envelope. 

An air-tight seal means that mold and mildew will become a thing of the past. Buildings that are free from mold have better indoor air quality and give you a safer working environment. 

Last, spray foam offers structural strength that you can’t get from any other type of insulation. Spray foam will not only increase the rigidity and structural integrity of the building, but it protects the panels from damage. 

Why not call the experts at Chicago Green Spray Foam Insulation today for a free quote? My friendly staff or I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

As I always say, Comfort is just a FOAM call away! Why not call right now? 

About the Author, Tom Decker

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