How to BUILD; PEACE and QUIET in Your Home

Build Peace and QuietNearly every homeowner will tell you that they see their home as a refuge from the typical noise and bustle of the office or the streets.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Block parties, neighborhood fireworks, kids playing in the street, and even passing traffic and airplanes can make you want to invest in a good set of earplugs.

Noise from the outside isn’t the only problem you might face. If you or someone in your family is a musician, or if you have noisy neighbors, you might be interested in keeping your private life – private! Many homes are within three or four meters of their neighbors’ homes, which means they can hear everything that is said in any tone that is louder than a whisper.

Let’s not forget the kids arguing over whose turn it is to use the Nintendo in the living room while you are trying to get a little work done in your home office.

While you may not be able to cut out 100% of all noise, you can certainly reduce it to a level where you barely notice it. One way to do this is to insulate and soundproof using spray foam insulation.

Sound Deadening using Spray Foam Insulation

If you have ever been outside on a windy day, you may have noticed that you can hear far-away sounds more easily than you do on days when the air is still.
This is because sound travels in the air. When you have gaps or cracks in the windows, doors, or walls, the air and noise can use those to enter the home.
You can get both insulation and sound deadening by filling in those gaps and cracks using spray foam insulation. When you add spray foam insulation between the walls and in the roof, you can deaden the sound so that you hear nothing more than muffled voices.
To deaden the sound between rooms, spray foam is also particularly useful, deadening those annoying noises you might hear from the kids playing video games or the toilet flushing from the guest bathroom.

In addition to the sound deadening you want; you will have the insulation you need for both the freezing Chicago winters and our hot and humid summers.

Vinyl or Fiberglass Sound Barriers VS Spray Foam

When considering which product to use to deaden sound, you may have heard that there are fiberglass and vinyl panels that can be installed under the drywall that work to absorb or block noise.

While it is true, the cost of these panels can be quite high. Not only will you need to remove, and possibly even replace the drywall if it becomes damaged in the process, the drywall panels, install the pricey vinyl or fiberglass units, then reinstall and repair the drywall, but the amount of insulation you receive for all this effort is minimal at best.

While drywall must be removed to install spray foam, it will give you something that vinyl or fiberglass panels cannot. In addition to the sound deadening you want; you will have the insulation you need for both the freezing Chicago winters and our hot and humid summers.

Reduce Flanking Noise

Flanking noise would be the sounds that come from inside the walls, such as from plumbing, built-ins fans or wall heaters, and other such devices. When the upstairs bathroom is located above the living room, for example, you can hear the water rush down the pipes when someone flushes the toilet or uses the shower.

Flanking noises can also be greatly reduced by applying spray foam insulation in between the walls and panels where these items are located. By sealing air gaps, the transmission of airborne sound emanating from inside the walls can be greatly reduced.

Vibrational Noise

Sometimes, it’s not just noise you want to eliminate, but the vibration that accompanies some types of noise. A stairwell that runs alongside one room, for example, might cause the windows and walls to rattle with each footfall.

To deal with this type of problem, simply insulating the walls will not be sufficient. This is when you must rely on a box in box construction.

Using your existing drywall, you add another frame to support another layer of drywall, creating a box inside the room. Spray foam insulation is then put in between these two pieces of drywall. You might also want to add a layer of vinyl or fiberglass soundproofing panels if the noise and vibration are intense.

Spray foam will expand and fill even the tiniest gap before it permanently sets into a hardened substance that will block sound while providing excellent insulation.

Improved Quality of Life

No doubt adding spray foam, as insulation and/or for soundproofing, will offer you an improved quality of life factor.

Paying less for energy to heat and cool your home, while keeping every room at a comfortable temperature is of interest to everyone.

Spray foam insulation is also eco-friendly, reducing the amount of energy you use while remaining good for the environment.

Using spray foam to seal cracks, gaps, and spaces in between walls will also prevent airborne allergens from entering your home, as well as preventing all types of bacteria, rodents, and insects from making your home their home.

Chicago Green Insulation prides itself on helping customers live a more comfortable life that is filled with good health. We offer spray foam for your insulation needs, as well as soundproofing desires.

We are open for business during this coronavirus crisis and my workers will take all necessary precautions for your safety.

My team would be happy to speak with you and talk about how spray foam can make your home a better place for you and your family.

Remember that comfort, and quietness is only a FOAM call away! Why not call us today for a no-obligation appointment? Stop those annoying sounds and at the same time, give yourself all the benefits that spray foam insulation has to offer in the way of energy savings and comfort.

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