Spray foam insulation is one piece of making a structure better, reducing the cost of operation and making a building more comfortable. Spray foam insulation can help you meet 2015/ 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (Now code in Illinois), while still using 2x4 construction. Spray foam replaces fiberglass/ cellulose in the design of any new space or refinishing of existing space.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation from - Chicago Green Insulation 

  • Licensed by major spray foam manufacturers
  • Stops air infiltration – An average American home loses enough air each day to fill two Goodyear Blimps
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs by as much as 60%
  • Helps meeting the new Illinois Energy Efficiency building codes
  • Improves indoor air quality, gives you control over the air in your home/ business
  • Keeps dust and pollen out
  • Decreases noise pollution – amazing for people with who are sensitive to noise or vibrations
  • Adds strength to the building structure It is permanent and will not sag
  • Reduces capacity requirements, maintenance and wear of HVAC equipment
  • Closed Cell Spray Foam, in addition to all of the items above, also stops moisture infiltration.